Avril Lavigne Concert Goodbye Lullaby Tour Set list アヴリル・ラヴィーン グッドバイ ララバイ ツアー セットリスト

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なるほどGoodbye Lullabyからの曲が多い!! このアルバムは今までの中でも最高のできだ。他は過去3枚から均等に入っている。日本のツアーが楽しみだ!!

at Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada on March 6, 2011

1.What the Hell       Goodbye Lullaby
2.Girlfriend        The Best Damn Thing
3.Smile           Goodbye Lullaby
4.Stop Standing There   Goodbye Lullaby
5.Complicated        Let Go
6.Wish You Were Here   Goodbye Lullaby
7.When You're Gone    The Best Damn Thing
8.Hot           The Best Damn Thing
9.My Happy Ending     Under My Skin
10.I Can Do Better      The Best Damn Thing
11.Push             Goodbye Lullaby
12.I Love You          Goodbye Lullaby
13.Don't Tell Me       Under My Skin
14.I Don't Have to Try      The Best Damn Thing
15.Everybody Hurts        Goodbye Lullaby
16.Losing Grip        Let Go
17.My World        Let Go
18.Everything Back But You  The Best Damn Thing
19.Anything but Ordinary    Let Go
20.He Wasn't          Under My Skin
21.The Best Damn Thing      The Best Damn Thing
22.Sk8er Boi            Let Go

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