Bénédictine DOM ベネディクティンDOM

benedictine.jpgBénédictine DOM ベネディクティンDOM

Bénédictine DOM ベネディクティン DOM 750ml/40度


フランス北部ノルマンディ地方フェーカンのベネディクト派修道院 1510 年に生まれた。 

D.O.M.から由来する。Deo Optimo Maximo 至善至高の神に捧ぐの意味である

Bénédictine also has ecclesiastical links although in its current form it is a revival based on an ancient recipe. It is a blend of four distillates that are by macerating and then distilling the botanicals to liberate their essential oils. Each distillate is aged separately before being blended, coloured and sweetened. The blend is left to marry for four months prior to release.