Amontillado Romate NPU ロマテ NPU アモンティリャード

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AmontiNPURomate.jpgAmontillado Romate NPU ロマテ NPU アモンティリャード

外観 濃いめの褐色
香り トフィー、キャラメル、熟成したフルーツの香りの中に確かに、アーモンド、フロールなどの香りがしっかりと残っている、パイプタバコ、干しぶどう(サルタナなど)、干したディルなど乾燥したハーブなど。
味わい 口当たりはフルボディで、アルコール度数が高く(high alcohol) で。乾燥、熟成したフルーツの香りが口の中に広がる。果実の味わいも豊かで余韻に塩味と少し苦味そして深みと複雑性のある強めのアルコールと生物学的熟成と、酸化熟成の味わいが長く続く。


価格 2,600-3000円
Sánchez Romate

NPU の意味は、ラテン語でNon Plus Ultra、これ以上のものはない最高のものということで、これはサンチェス・ロマテの究極のアモンティリャードである。これは結局ロマテのエノロジスト、ライ・ゴメズ・ルビオのお気に入りのワインであることから付けられた名前。このアモンティリャードは、VORS (30年)のシリーズ the Old & Plus seriesよりも若く、15年熟成くらいだ。

サンチェス・ロマテ社 [Sanchez Romate]

Amontillado Romate NPU
This wine is medium amber.
This wine has pronounced intensity aromas of
yeast ( flor,toast, biscuit) for biological ageing, deliberate oxidation ( almond, hazelnut, tofee, caramel ), fruit developement ( dried apricot , dried apple), bottle age ( nutty), hebal ( dried herb) pipe tabacco, dried fruit ( sultana, dired fig). oak ( vanilla).

This wine is dry, medium acidity, medium alcohol, medium + body.
This wine has pronouced flavour intensity of yeast ( flor, toast, breast)
idodine, fruit development ( dried apricot), bottle age ( nutty), deliberate oxidation ( burned almond, hazelnut).
This finish is medium+ length with salty taste,

Very good
This wine has good balance among acidity and flavours and alcohol. This aromas and flavours has a good typicity of its kind of wine. Also has good pronoucned aroma and good expressiveness and some complexity, So it is very good quality, But it lacks concentrations and deep complexity. it prevent from being outstanding.

NPU Amontillado (Sánchez Romate)

NPU Amontillado (19%, Sánchez Romate 2013)

Nose: a bit silent at first, it's a classic but slightly gentle Amontillado which is quite rounded. Very dry. Pipe tobacco and toasted almonds. Even hints of praline and vanilla. Still traces of its Fino past, with a faint yeasty note. Candied orange. Also a subtle varnish top note, I love that.

Mouth: still very dry but more pungent than the nose suggested. Plenty of acidity with a some Fino saltiness and green olives. Walnuts skin, some oak as well. Really nutty, evolving towards herbal and slightly bitter notes, but always balanced by a suggestion of sweet roundness. Long, dry finish.

Availability: pretty good, it's available from different retailers in many countries. Around € 18 which is a good price for a well-aged wine.

Dry, smooth, with bright amber hues. The lasting fragrance is reminiscent of peanuts. It is made from a Fino which later undergoes a second ageing period, but without the yeast layer. The complex ageing results in one of the finest sherries, a superb complement to starters, especially those which are marinated in vinegar.

テイスティング: 2016年10月21日
My Rating(評価): 15/20