Tapatio Blanco 100% de Agave Tequila タパティオ テキーラ ブランコ

tapatioblanco100.jpgTapatio Blanco 100% de Agave Tequila タパティオ テキーラ ブランコ

外観 無色透明
香り 白胡椒、刺激があるハーブ、柑橘系のフルーツ(レモンピール)、青リンゴ、白い花、香りは豊かで複雑そしてピュア。
味わい 強いアタック、刺激は強いが滑らか、口の中にアガベの香りがいっぱい広がる。アルコールはやや強いく刺激がある。

Tequila blanc
100% agave

40% Alc.Vol.
double pot still


Tequila Tapatio Blanco 100% de Agave  http://www.tequilatapatio.mx/en/


[テキーラ]タパティオ ブランコ 750ml 40度 産地 : メキシコ/ハリスコ州ロスアルトス地方アランダス地区
蒸留所 : ラ・アルテニャ (NOM1139)
原料 : アガベ100%

Bright Crystal color with silver tones, nice bodied.

The first impression is herbal with hints of mint and anise, followed by white pepper and spices (cinnamon and clove); mild citrus notes. If allowed to breathe in the glass, apple and floral notes appear.
Cooked Agave, mint, pepper, with a residual sweetness (white chocolate) and slightly herbaceous. Presents a long final, spicy and sweet at the same time. Very complex and rounded.

The essence of Agave. Who do not enjoy Tapatío Blanco, could very well stop drinking tequila, because this is exactly what silver (blanco) tequila should be.

This spirit is water-white and colourless.

This spirit has medium+ intensity of citrus fruit ( lemon, lemon peel), herbaceous ( grass) , fresh vegetable ( agave ) , phenolic ( smokey, earthy) spice ( white pepper) . This spirit is unaged.

This spirit is dry, harsh alcohol, light body,
This spirit has medium + intensity of fresh vegetal ( agave) spice ( white pepper) phenolics ( earthy, somky) , citrusu fruit ( lemon peel) . This spirit has medium finsh with some complexity

Very Good
This spiri has a good balance between alcohol and flavour intensity, also has good and pure aromas of its origin. Even has good complexity in aromas and flavours. This is very good quality. But it lacks alcohol integrity and concentration and aged mellow. So it staies very good.

Tequila blanc

My Rating(評価): 14/20